How to use a ceramic garden stool in your home

Posted on 01 May 2010 by admin

There are so many ways to use a garden stool that it really comes down which garden stool(s) to choose for each room. You may put one in your shower to sit on or put it next to the shower to hold bath towels. They can be used outdoors in the midst of planting to offer year round color and a fun place to sit on while pondering the depths of the universe or simply thinking about which annuals to plant next. 

Interior designers have mixed and matched these in just about every setting for a variety of purposes such as: emphasizing color, adding asian antiquity, extra seating, functional side table, etc.  Our favorite reason is for adding a timeless piece of furniture that holds the beauty of an ancient artifact yet adheres to modern form satisfying multifunctional needs.  

Show us how you use them by emailing us a photo and we will post it on our garden stool blog.

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